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Here are some testimonials from happy, employed ABC Résumé Services clients:

"Love working with Dana! She is prompt, professional and effective - I have gotten hired right away due in great part to her awesome work! Thanks Dana"

"It was a pleasure meeting you and receiving such great advice and tips! My wife & I were very happy with your kind and dedicated support. Rest to say, the resume was better than I expected." – Daniel C.

"I was hired as an Office Administrator & start on the 25th. This is exactly the job I was hoping for. I'm getting paid what I was asking for & have good benefits. I am absolutely thrilled. I did phone interviews for a couple of other positions, but none that felt quite right. I wanted to let you know & thank you for your help." – Julie C.

"I wanted to thank you again for my resume. I got the job I applied for. It's definitely a huge blessing." – Alma A.

"Hello Dana,
Wanted to let you know I had two interviews and just got a call from one of places with a position offer. I think a magic one-page resume written by you did a job :) Thank you very much again for it. Will keep in touch with you. Have a great day." – Elena P.

"You're awesome! Glad my cousin Jennifer L. went to see you I just got on with UofA Hospital. Also, Elizabeth C. got an excellent job:)" – Veronica A.

Thumbs Up

"Hi Dana, You are AMAZIING! You certainly are gifted and I very grateful. I will keep you posted. Thank you," – Yvonne B. (New Mexico)

(Forwarded from a Managing Director, Mesa AZ International Staffing Service)
"I first want to thank you for the excellent job you did on your résumé/cover letter. That has really set you apart from the other two candidates..." – Melodie P.

"'re the best! Perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. Muchas gracias," – Marci F.

"Dana, Hello there. Just wanted to let you know I got an interview with...this coming Friday. Thank you so much for your help with my résumé." – Terresa S.